For All You Aspiring Career-Breakers Out There

Here are a few resources I’ve discovered over these past couple months (some thanks to friends, some thanks to Google and WordPress):

Briefcase to Backpack

Career Break Cafe

World Nomads

Escape the City

Lifestyle Design

Anyone really interested in concepts like career breaks and lifestyle design should know that these links are just the tip of the iceberg. The wealth of information and advice available online is absolutely incredible. I would definitely encourage people contemplating this stuff to take a look at what’s out there and see what those who have already done it have to say.

Happy browsing!


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  1. Palak Kundu says:

    Hey Devika, I’ve been going through various travel blogs recently and was glad to see that yours was more of a “living” blog. I’d recommend this post in addition to your list: — though it’s geared more towards males in their “quarter-life” crisis. The author created some buzz after another controversial post about self-absorbed Americans ( Hope your experiences have been and continue to be enriching and insightful!

    -Palak Kundu

    1. Thanks for stopping by Palak 🙂 I took a look at the links you sent and LOVED reading the posts…especially the first one. This guy gets it! Let me know if you come across other notable blogs on travel and the quarter life. Always nice to find a good read!

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