Exploring the Streets of Buenos Aires – Abasto & Recoleta

Buenos Aires is huge, and most tourist maps actually leave out more than half of the city, focusing only on the touristy areas. Even after one month, I was constantly discovering new barrios, and though I didn’t actually get to exploring non-tourist-map areas, the next couple posts provide an overview of some of the better known areas of Buenos Aires Capital Federal, in no particular order.


The original tanguero neighborhood, Abasto is full of hints of its artsy past. Pictures of Carlos Gardel line every street and the area also houses the Carlos Gardel museum (his old house). Zelaya is a colorful street to walk on with pavements and walls sporting tango lyrics and fileteado painting. The huge Abasto shopping mall is also located here and due to the largely immigrant composition of the barrio, there are many delicious ethnic restaurants around. Great for Peruvian food. The Konex cultural center is also located in Abasto – a fun place for live shows such as the Bomba del Tiempo on Monday nights.


Posh and upscale, Recoleta is probably most well known for its cemetery – an impressive city of the dead, housing mausoleums of famous politicians, including Eva Perón. This a nice area to walk around and has many parks and museums around Avenida Del Libertador and Avenida Figueroa Alcorta.





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