Exploring the Streets of Buenos Aires – Palermo

Palermo is the biggest barrio and also the one in which both my school and accommodation were located. Broadly divided into Palermo Viejo and Palermo Moderno by the bustling Avenida Santa Fe, the barrio has many subdivisions such as Las Cañitas (where I lived for most of my stay), Alto Palermo (where Vamos school is located), Palermo Chico, Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. The neighborhood is upscale and fun, with plenty of bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs, particularly in Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. Fun bars to check out that offer more than the usual drink include Acabar and Jobs Bar. Plaza Serrano, in Palermo Soho, is a great area to walk around. Costanera is popular for nightlife among locals, though hard to get to without a car/taxi. In Las Cañitas, where I lived, Baez is a fun street to explore on weekends. Palermo also has some beautiful parks and gardens that are good for picnics and evening jogs. Watch out for the ever-present dog poo though!



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