No trip to Argentina is complete without a visit to the stunning Iguazu falls at the border of Argentina and Brazil. So during the third weekend of my stay, I took an 18hr overnight bus with my Australian roommate to see what all the fuss was about. The thought of an 18hr bus ride was daunting, but overnight buses, or micros, are the common mode of travel between cities here in Argentina and the ride was surprisingly comfortable. With business class type seats that recline almost all the way (if you book “cama”), blankets, dinner and tv screens, 18 hours passes sooner than you think. Of course, it’s only smooth if everything goes right. Though our ride there was very comfortable, on the ride back, an accident up ahead on the highway stalled our bus for two hours, and then an hour outside Buenos Aires, our bus broke down for another 2 hours….so yeah – comfortable but not always perfect.

Some useful information on Iguazu:

  • Hostel/night = $10
  • Bus to Iguazu falls = 50 pesos roundtrip (I heard that it may be cheaper to buy the tickets on the bus)
  • Entry to park = 130 pesos
  • Cost of boat ride in the falls (Aventura Nautica) = 150 pesos
  • Don’t wear jeans and sneakers if planning to go on the boat ride – you will get soaked head to toe no matter what! A summer dress and flip flops worked for me
  • Park hours = 8am – 6pm. However, get there early because some things, like the free boat ride to the island in the middle and access to one of the waterfalls, closes at 3pm
  • Watch out for croatis trying to steal your food!
  • One full day is enough for the Argentine side – most people take another day to do the Brazil side too but this may require a visa depending on your citizenship

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