A Little Bit of Family

My stay in California was great for a lot of reasons, but what made it extra special was that I got the chance to connect with family I barely knew before. Growing up, I never really got to spend time with my extended family in the US, so it was nice to meet some uncles, aunts and cousins settled on the West Coast. Initially, I was unsure of what to expect…I didn’t know anything about these people…but they were all very warm, really sweet and went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. And one of my cousins, who also happens to be the lead singer of Young the Giant, was sweet enough to drive me to the band’s fabulous beach house in LA, where I got to spend two nights hanging out with the guys and previewing stuff they are currently recording for their next album.

So here’s a shoutout to family. I think I’ve always been a little dismissive of extended family as they were not a huge part of my childhood and I guess I’ve always just considered my friends to be my extended family. Maybe it’s because I’m older now or maybe it’s because I’m in the middle of an identity quest, but this time, getting to know some real family felt pretty good 🙂

With my cousin Sameer



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