Kitsch Mandi

Last Sunday, one of our interns was working at an event in Bangalore called Kitsch Mandi. I was told it was some kind of monthly flea market, which didn’t particularly interest me, but to support her, I decided to stop by for a little bit.

What I found at “Pebbles Jungle Lounge”, where it was held, was not a flea market but a really cool, funky, artsy fair where upcoming designers and artists showcased and sold their goods. Loungy music, colorful stalls, delicious food and a hip crowd made this a really fun event I will be sure to attend again 🙂










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  1. Priya Krish says:

    I was there too… wasnt it fantastic! I dont know why its called flea market when everything is artsy n new… its really an art fair isnt it?

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for reading…and maybe I’ll see you at the next Kitsch Mandi!

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