Mountains, Plantations & Good Conversations – A Weekend Escape to Coorg

Last weekend, I escaped the hustle and bustle of Bangalore city life for the beautiful hills and coffee plantations of Coorg, a region in southern India famous for its picturesque scenery.

With 2 new friends from Bangalore and Thomas, a new Leave UR Mark intern, we drove 8 hours to Honey Valley Homestay, a charming plantation homestay tucked away in the middle of nature.

For two days and two nights, we spent our time hiking the many trails around the plantation, eating hearty homemade Coorgi food and having the most interesting conversations with other backpackers at the guesthouse. The isolated location of Honey Valley Homestay attracted a nature-loving crowd of well-traveled foreigners. Many were in India to perfect their yoga and meditation practice, many had already traveled to other obscure parts of India and the world, and all of them had fascinating travel stories, backgrounds and experiences.

For me, it was a wonderful weekend escape from urban life. I detoxed over 3 beautiful hikes and spent the evenings chatting with new friends and fellow travelers. Although it wasn’t the season to visit Coorg (it is at its loveliest after the monsoons), Honey Valley Homestay made this weekend a very memorable one.


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  1. journeycount says:

    Even more gorgeous after moonsoon season?? It looks beautiful now! Just stumbled across your blog and love this first post I read!

  2. Thanks for reading! And yes, it was beautiful, but apparently looks even greener after the monsoons! Keep it in mind if you ever plan to travel to India 🙂

  3. v says:

    great shots…

    1. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by 🙂

  4. Priya Krish says:

    Im actually planning to take a trip alone to either Coorg or Goa by end of this month. I see that you travelled with 2 more people but what would you have to say about the safety factor for solo women travelers to a place like this.

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