Startup Festival in Bangalore

Today marked the launch of a Startup Festival in Bangalore – a weekend of social, cultural, educational, professional and entertainment festivities celebrating Bangalore as the startup capital of India ( Taking place in different neighborhoods over four days, the festival aims to bring together entrepreneurs, artists, government, business, academia and investors in order to help push Bangalore from the 19th most entrepreneurial city in the world into the top 10.

The program for each day includes talks and workshops given by successful entrepreneurs, networking opportunities, evening pub crawls as well as art festivals showcasing upcoming artists, writers and musicians.

I’m pretty intrigued by the concept and am definitely impressed by the creative spirit of Bangalore. Only stopped by the neighborhood art festival today but looking forward to seeing what the rest of the weekend holds in store!

Day 1 in Indiranagar
Fearless Poster Campaign (posters made by a host of illustrators and designers from across India and more that support fearless femininity)
Drum circle on the street



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Priya Krish says:

    Did u happen to attend any of the startup crawls? the company i work for is one of them, it was a lot of fun last weekend 🙂 Also ur images seem broken on the page 3 post…

    1. Hi! No I didn’t get a chance to but definitely want to next time. What company do you work for? Got to know about so many creative startups – that’s great that you’re part of one! Hm, good to know about the images – will look into it…thanks!

  2. Priya Krish says:

    Hmm the images seem fine today! I work for ItsHandMade, check out the blog, if you are crafty like me you would like this space 🙂

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