A Day Trip to Chunchi Falls

Chunchi falls is a series of cascading waterfalls located in a rocky valley 80km outside of Bangalore. An easy day trip from Bangalore, Chunchi falls is ideal for a Sunday getaway, and a few weeks ago, 4 of us friends took two bikes to explore the area. Not a widely popular tourist destination, we found the place largely to ourselves and enjoyed a peaceful hike through rocks and boulders down to the actual waterfall. Because we went in May, right before the monsoons, the water level was low and the falls were pretty dry, but the advantage of this was that there were several small pools where the water rushed down with less force, allowing us to actually enter and swim in the falls. A few deeper pools with steep jutting rocks were also ideal for shallow cliff jumping and we basically spent the afternoon indulging in these activities. The only sad part was that some areas were littered with plastic bottles and discarded food packages, reinforcing the general disregard for environmental conservation in India and the need to change that mentality. But all in all, the falls were still beautiful and it was a pleasant outing for all of us.


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