Leave UR Mark in June

June was a busy month work-wise – there was a steady stream of new volunteers and interns and our house soon became filled with activity and excitement. In Bangalore, my role consisted of orienting the newbies to their new environment, easing the culture shock and introducing them to their work places. As their 24-hour support system, I also ended up playing various roles from friend to mentor to therapist to mediator. Outside of Bangalore, I got to plan, budget and lead several group excursions to touristy areas nearby. This part was fun no doubt, but also more work than people realize! Managing and playing mother hen to a group of 10-12 college students can be a handful, particularly when you yourself have never been to the places you are showing around. I definitely gained experience in on-the-spot decision making, coordination and people management. Overall though, I loved each and every trip and had a great group of mischievously adorable interns.

In the next couple posts, I’ll upload pictures from all the excursions I led from Mysore (a historic city located 3 hours from Bangalore) to Goa (beach-side party state) to Kerala (beautiful touristy state south-west of Bangalore).


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  1. annetbell says:

    what fun! Namaste. . .. Anne

    1. Thanks for reading Anne! 🙂

  2. journeycount says:

    This sounds like such an awesome job! Stressful though, I can imagine! How did you come to do this?

    1. Hi! Yes, it was pretty ideal as it let me explore India while still earning some money! I found it on http://www.idealist.org – a great website for finding volunteer opportunities and internships abroad…you should definitely check it out when you can!

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